90’s Trend Making Its Way Back

What was the 90s? Picture it for me. Colorful & bright? Sitcoms, pop music, coca cola, and bicycle ride? Lots of weird trendy tiny things to put on? I used to put on those little butterflies in my braids while watching small wonder. Then we all grew up, and sitcoms were replaced by Channel V or VH1 in my case. Braids were replaced with ultra-straight hair & wide legged jeans were traded with skinny jeans. I used to ridicule at how I was naive and used to put on so many things I frowned upon until now. To cut it short in my opinion 90’s trends are making its comeback. I have had a subject in my graduation where we studied product’s life cycle. Any trend has its high & low, and after the low the cults make its comeback, and the elements are always reflected in one way or the other.

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Guide To Achieve Perfect OOTD Everyday

Monday blues or Friday buzz. The boho chic or a classy affair. The gist lies in OOTD. For those who are unaware of the term OOTD, it stands for Outfit of The Day. What is the attire for today? Now being a millennial staying on point online and offline stands for goals. Picture it, a broody brunch with your girlfriends, lots of selfies and lots of pout. You need to be ready but what about a regular day at university? And how about a getaway with your friends? And not to forget the lunch dates or an evening stroll.

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Sweat Out In Style

Off lately the world has changed in a manner of fashion & comfort. We all remember watching Titanic and gulping the horror where the maidens are tightening the corset for Kate. I have heard morbid stories about Victorian era where ladies would remove their limbs surgically to stay in shape for their dresses with huge metal cage inside it. Oh, such pain. But fast forwarding into today, embracing the curves you have has been kinder, body suits, shape concealer and of course gyms and nutritional diets have made a huge impact on our life.

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Summer date ♥ ♥

Today I choose the SuMMer!

Hot summer is a time to enjoy the outdoors, getting hot and sweaty, managing by the pool as well as eating ice cream on a cone. The best thing about summer is having the ability to go out and enjoy clean air and each other. If you do meet someone new in this hot summertime, what will you do on your date? There is no reason that we still need to continue with these old and tired date ideas that you’ve been using for so several years. Summer time present an excellent chance to do some fun, thrill and innovative things that might leave a direct effect on your date.

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Tips For Beautiful Skin

Who doesn’t dream of beautiful, glowing, “I woke up like this!!” skin?

But let’s face it along with an ever glowing skin, I want my career and my fun drinking and eating whatever I can get my hands on life too. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. My favorite gal Lady Gaga (who also happens to have the best glow without makeup) has spoken up “your career will never wake up one day and tell you that it doesn’t love you anymore.” So it sums up at the balancing everything. You would always love to go with great skin, healthy diet and lots of fun on the weekend. Here, let me share with you some tips to give your skin an uplift.

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Holi Fashion

Bura Na Mano HOLI Hai…..

With people becoming increasingly more fashion conscious, hot pants, backless blouses and off shoulder tops in bright colors have taken a front seat. The young generation has the drastic change in their perception towards Holi.
They’d like to have fun, but not at the cost of losing the glamor quotient.

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Cute summer trend 2017

Every day is a FASHION SHOW & the world is your runway !!

Summer time, whenever someone asks me about my happy place, it’s never a super fancy clubs of Delhi or Bombay or some posh holiday homes. It’s always a serene lunch date like one if those where I take my husband to show him what summer feels like outside of his office. That is my happy place, cherry blossoms and ice-cream and kids running with joy in a park. The smell of newly bloomed flowers and a good book. Even though siting in a cubicle my mind has escaped in the summer paradise.

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The flirty fun look

Sometimes one needs to be out of the trend or off the trend to feel the free existence of one’s self. Imaging of a lady boss to a caring friend, and from a Homie to a social butterfly or from a teen at heart to the queen of her man’s heart, there would always be a craving for this freedom. The one thing that is commonly found intact every time is the playfulness, the motivation to stay chirpy, flirty. And this feel is somehow exhibited knowingly or unknowingly through the flirty fun look.

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