All You Need To Know About DEPOP CULTURE

The world is blooming with technology. The world has actually shrunk. It will be foolish to say that people are having better ideas now. (Come-on Leonardo da Vinci’s hands will tremble at my mention of it while creating the Vitruvius man.) But I have to state my hypothesis that the world has shrunk and the […]

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Fashion Essentials – Clutch bags

The most important and must have accessory for a women’s wardrobe is her bag’s collection. A wide range of bags of varying size, shape, design, material and colors is ‘the essential’fashion accessories. There are lots of bags and purses available but out of them the ‘clutch bags’ is the favorite option being small and easy […]

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How to be alone?

After a certain point of your life when the dust is finally settling down, university friends have moved out on their own way & your crazy lifestyle is turning into a strict time schedule to balance work and personal dynamics. Often in such stress comes add – on of loneliness. This has happened to me […]

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Colours Of Millennials

Guys, If you are reading this article, the chances are high that you are a Millennial or have a knack to be called one. The Millennials are the generation born between 2 decades from the 1980s to 2000s. Now, this generation is all about expressing themselves. All of them want their individuality. The expressive ones. […]

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