Check Out The Cannes Outfits Of Sonam Kapoor

Hello guys, Today we are going to share with you Sonam Kapoor’s Cannes outfit of this year. She always gives to everyone a unique fashion statement. Her sister Rhea Kapoor started a cloth brand (Rheson). Both sisters are busy in their new business nowadays, and Sonam Kapoor is helping her in promoting her business. So […]

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Greenery Colour Of The Year

When we were kid, we all had our favourite colours, pink, blue, purple, red, yellow green and what not. But as we grow up the sense of what other people thinks, or what if this colour make me look fat, ugly, skinny, dark all this starts to clutter our mind. It is a basic human […]

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Trend Alert: Check Out The Layer Trend

Hello all, so as you know, the sun is shining and we couldn’t get more of this heat. All the short skirts & shorts & crop tops. But there is one trend that has picked up in 2017. It’s layering trend. See it’s practical to wear less layers in this brooding hot environment but if […]

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Check Out The Latest Outfits Of Shraddha Kapoor

Hello guys, today we are here with a new blog content. Here we are going to share with you Shraddha Kapoor five cute and beautiful outfits. She wore different look dresses at every promotion event of her film HALFGIRLFRIEND. Shraddha Kapoor always looks cute, and she always tries something new. So girls, scroll down to […]

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Fashion Alert: Patch Work Dresses Are In Fashion

Hello guys, we are here with a new blog content. Today we are talking about patchwork dresses. Patchwork dresses are in fashion in this summer season. Everyone is drooling over them. Patchwork shirt, top, T-shirts, and dresses are available in the market. Bollywood divas are also styling them nowadays. These dresses look so cool and […]

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Denim Dress Trend

Denim has been around since last 2 centuries, it was used to carry material in the early 1850s & later Levis & Strauss made a pair of pan out of the denim for its durable characteristics. It was earlier used just as a protective wear for labours & miners. However gradually over the years, it […]

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Floral Dresses Are In Fashion In This Summer Season

Floral dresses are in fashion in this summer. Different kind of variety is available in the market like a floral print top, floral print shirt, floral print skirts, and floral print one piece dresses, etc. So girls beat the summer heat with these pretty floral dresses in this summer season.We are giving you some inspiration […]

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Check Out The Unicorn Trend

While growing up, we all were taught about the colours and how they are assigned. For example, I was told boys don’t wear pink & girls avoid blues & brown. I was always dressed in baby pink up until very late age, I always included one element of pink in my overall outfit. My hands […]

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