Check Out The Latest Outfits Of Urvashi Rautela

Everyone knows about Urvashi Rautela. She is Bollywood actress and model. Urvashi Rautela was crowned (Miss Diva – 2015), and she represented India at Miss Universe 2015 pageant. She made her Bollywood debut with her first Bollywood film Singh Saab the Great (2013), Sanam Re (2016), Great Grand Masti (2016) and worked in recent film […]

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Color trend – Metallic Pink

Well as it has been stated by many-many people earlier as well, I agree that women are a mystical and complex creatures. We melt at the smallest most negligible gestures, and we burn the ground with rage at some small most negligible deeds too. I speak for the entire group that there are few days […]

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The Art Of Folding – Origami

Ever wondered what is origami? Most of you will be aware about the term. It is an ancient Japanese method of sculpturing objects & items by simply folding paper. Have you ever made birds out of paper? That is origami. Have you seen nicely pleated fans & umbrella made out of paper, that is Origami […]

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Orange Is Definitely The New Black

Orange is the new black, the term came into the wide use when a decade ago, American drama series started with the same title, Orange is the new black. However, the phrase loosely means, black a very fashionable color is now being replaced with color orange. The series was based on a lady and her […]

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Sinful Camisoles

A few days ago I was watching an old Hollywood movie, and my favorite lady who can beat any of these new Botox filled actresses any day with her grace. Anyway, I was watching her attires especially, and I immediately fell in love with silk or satin camisoles show was wearing underneath her dress. Now […]

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Linen – Soothing Trend

The world is growing bigger every day, we are 7 billion people in the whole world, & there is not always enough for everybody, to meet the needs synthetics were brought to life. Everything synthetic, food, drinks, fruits, vitamins and fabric. Agreed that nothing can be tuned into a synthesized product without the essence of […]

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