A girl’s beauty becomes more beautiful when she is wearing jewellery. Jewellery is the most important part of regular and occasional dress up. The most important thing to remember is the right choice of jewellery as per your dresses. If your jewellery does not work with your dresses, it even ranks down the quality of your dress. So always buy jewellery which suits you and gives you a sober royal look.

So here I am showing you my jewellery collection with my latest ethnics. I bought the jewellery which can even go with my westerns also.
1. I have chosen this jewellery according to the golden texture of the suit. Always try to buy jewellery which should not merge with the designing, this is so because it might give quite a messy look.
when wearing a cocktail ring, remember not to wear anything else in the remaining fingers, it will give an elegant look to your hands.



2. I have chosen this ethnic wear as it is really very trendy and gives you a very rich look. For this kind of dress, one must go for simple elegant earrings. As the inner part is a long plain flairy gown, I have chosen a bit longer neck piece.The sleeves are not very long, so always try to wear a handcuff, as I am wearing in the picture.




3. This pretty dress is one of my favourites. It is an Anarkali dress. As the neck is short, I tried to wear something different touching my neck. So I have chosen this choker type necklace which is looking very beautiful with the dress.The earrings I am wearing are absolutely matching to the dress, so I wore these beautiful trendy earrings to give myself an attractive look.



4. This beautiful grey colourful dress can be worn anytime. If you want to wear the same dress at any special occasion, make it look more beautiful and heavier by wearing a silver set of earrings and cocktail ring. As the dress has a blocked neck, do not wear anything which looks fussy on it.


So guys hope you liked the dresses and the jewellery collection. Will add loads more as I feel really happy to share everything with you all.

Feel free to ask anything in the comment box. And do give your views for the collection shown above.


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