I read this caption around four years back, “Jewellery always fits “. That time I just ignored it saying How come?? But as the days kept passing on, now is the time I realised that yes, of course, this caption works. I always used to buy jewellery according to my dresses but now when I fit any jewellery with any dress, it works far better than before. The only thing I do is buying trendy accessories whenever I visit the market. It is not always necessary that one should buy expensive jewellery all the time. There are many other markets like Sarojini Market in Delhi, like this many other markets in other cities, from where one can purchase in their budgets. The only thing one needs is to know about the trend. Now that is also possible, you can keep watching my pictures and reading my blogs and keep yourself updated about the trend going on. LOL!

I picked up my dress and started searching for the matching jewellery but more than that the jewellery which was not at all matching made an amazing combo. Just 2 days back I went to the market and bought this silver jewellery just because I found it very trendy and different. And this neck piece and the cocktail ring looked amazing with the dress. I bought this neck piece from one of the whole sellers who gave it just for 300 bucks. It made my dress look more impressive. I wanted to wear high heels with this dress but unfortunately, because of the little injury in my leg, I wore flats. Sometimes I avoid wearing short dresses at some particular places, so rather than going for purely ethnics, I prefer buying these types of dresses. These dresses are fully covered and further stylish.

I am really obsessed with the jewellery. I think jewellery works in adding glam, elegance and attitude to your look. Everyone wants to look beautiful in this world. So make yourself look more beautiful, more attractive, more glamorous and of course more stylish.











I feel very happy when my friends appreciate my look. Hope you too also like it. Do give your reviews to this look.

Will add loads more.

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