Hair- The most important part of your looks, do you believe it? I do believe it because I have done various experiments with the different hairstyles and I have observed that we should never go with the hairstyles that never suit us. I am saying this because I have seen people only running towards what’s going on in trend or what the maximum people are doing or if someone is saying this is the ongoing hairstyle, you should go with this. But we should always remark us ourselves. Remember nobody can tell you the way you can tell to yourself. Rather than thinking only about ongoing trends, we should always see in the mirror and ask ourselves, Is it looking good on us? I just want to share some tips with you, which I have inspected on myself and on many other people.

  1. If you want to look lesser than your actual age, never go for a lower bun hairstyle. Inspite of that just go for the tightly wrapped upper bun.


2.  If you are a little fatty, try to avoid open hair, and give yourself a high pony look with a very little puff, that will give your face a cute little look.


3. If you have a very broad forehead, never tie all the front hair towards the back but you can give yourself a hairstyle that may hide the broader area.


4. If you are very skinny or thin, just give yourself a loose hairstyle, that will add more grace to your looks like you can go for open curls or crimps.


5. If you are short height, give your hairs a puffy look and never go for a low bun.


5. If you are tall or don’t want to look taller, never go for a high bun or a high pony, leave your hair open.


6. If you have a very short hair like boy cuts and all, or if you have any problem in growing them up, never be depressed because there are beautiful natural wigs available in the market, so you use them very easily.



7. If you have a lot many grey hairs, you can go for a good hair color, or you can start up with some natural remedies.



So these are some awesome points I observe in the real-life situations and accordingly gave you the tips and suggestions. Do tell me in the comment box if you observed the same or if you like the points above.

I can just say that hair can give you the look you want. So just take good care of your hair and always believe in yourself.

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