1. Shahid Kapoor (D.J):- Shahid Kapoor is fond of playing additional popular music the same as the D.J’s do. That’s why he has D.J console set up at his new apartment.



2. Amir Khan (Very good at chess):- Amir Khan plays chess very well, it will be surprising to know that he played chess with world champion Vishwanathan Anand. He is very good at solving a Rubik’s cube.




3. Salman Khan (Painter):- Some people do not know that he paints. He also sells his painting to raise money for charity.




4. Saif Ali Khan (Great Guitarist):- Saif Ali Khan loves to play the Guitar and he has performed in many shows.





5. Akshay Kumar (Excellent Cook):- Akshay Kumar is an excellent cook. He learned cooking when he was in Bangkok.



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