I believe in wearing all the colors but of course in a voguish way. For last many days I had been thinking of writing a blog regarding colors, because I have heard people saying, ahhhhhh this color won’t suit me at all, nooooo I won’t look pretty in this color, mmmmm i will look little fattier in this color and all that. But I personally believe that all the colours have some kind of spark in itself and yes if they are worn with a little swanky way, all of them give an adorable look whether it is green, white, mustard, yellow, turquoise, or else, lol, talking about these colours coz I have heard people saying NO to some of these . Even I too, always used to ignore green color, but finally, when I wore the combination of green and white, I felt amazing.

I think everyone who doesn’t like a particular color, should wear the same color sometimes and feel the difference when only that particular color gives an absolutely different look from there regularly worn colors but one should know or pre-plan about the makeup that goes on with that particular dress and how to carry herself/ himself.

I feel really pep up when I share something which works and helps you get to see the actual look. Sharing some of the pictures of green and white with the accessories I am wearing along.







Be colorful and yes do try all the colors and don’t forget to give your views in the comment box.


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