Dresses, dresses, and dresses what else we girls want. We are actually fond of wearing different dresses in size, look, theme, design, colors, and style. It is amazing that we have more variety of dresses than men. Life is very short my dear friends to wear boring dresses. Now change the game and do fill many colors in your life with these beautiful outfits.

Sometimes when we go to the market to shop some outfits and then we get confused about the name of selected dress or we cannot ask properly to the shopkeeper to show dresses which we actually want to purchase, this is because you do not have knowledge about all dresses names. We feel little bit embarrass in front of people when they say – your dress is looking fabulous and then they ask from where have you purchased so what to say to the shopkeeper as we don’t know the name of the dress.

So the basic aim of this blog is to make you aware of the names of the dresses which are related to fashion. Now don’t be embarrassed, get all the dresses names here with pictures and be the smarter one in your group. In our blogs, we are trying to help you in every manner. So look beautiful and be smart with us.

Here are the names of dresses-


Tube Dress

Sheath dress

Blouson dress

Tunic dress

Pencil dress

Asymmetric dress

Trench dress

Bandage dress

High-Low dress

Empire waist dress

Bodycon dress

Skater dress

Maxi/Long dress

Midi dress

Kaftan dress

Shirt dress

Off-Shoulder dress

Sweater dress

Tie detail dress

Peplum dress

Party dress

Backless dress

Fringe detail dress

Pop over dress

Baby doll dress

A-Line dress

Layered dress

Lace-up detail dress

Denim dress

Dungaree/Pinafore Dresses

Cape dress

Fit & Flare dress

Shift dress

Slit dress

Spaghetti/Cami dress

T-shirt dress

Tulle dress

Tuxedo dress

Tweed dress

Wrap dress

Mini dress

Cold shoulder dress

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