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It feels amazing that there is a lot of variety of clothes in the market for women. But sometimes it becomes difficult for us to choose what to wear on what occasion even having so much variety of clothes, it sounds funny.

Clothes play a very important part in your personality, the way you carry them and the way you choose them to describe you in front of others without saying a single word. So never be in a hurry while choosing clothes for yourself.

Do try to wear every color, never bound yourself in boundaries of – this color will not go well on me or on my skin color. Guys, please come out from these complex questions. Every color has its own emotions and uniqueness.

“Forget the rules, if you like it then wear it”

The market is full of different kind of clothes but the particular choice which is frequently purchased by women is “top” as it is of daily use. You all have so many tops in your wardrobe and you always update your closet season to season. But sometimes we forget the name of the top while purchasing as it is very confusing to remember each and every name of the top. There are really many types of tops are available in the market.

So, guys, you have to be updated about everything which is related to fashion as fashion is first love for every fashion diva and creativity changes keep changing season to season.

“Be different and unique among the crowd and express yourself in your own way of fashion.”

So here in this blog, we are talking about different names of tops available in the market. I hope you will get them helpful.


Crop Top 

Blouse Top

Tube Top

Tunic Top

Off-Shoulder Top


Tank top

Peplum Top

Kaftan Top

Wrap Top

Cold-Shoulder Top

Longline or Slit Top

Asymmetric Top

Tulip Top

Cape Top

Bodysuit Top

 Shirt style Top

Layered Top

Cinched Top

High Low Top

One Shoulder Top

Styled Back Top

Lace Top

Choker Top

Sheer Top

Turtleneck Top

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