My Goa Trip

It was my second Goa Trip. But both the times, I was there in the same weather, I mean earlier it was May, and this time it was April. And both the trips were suddenly planned.

Although I went there in summers, but it was an amazing trip. However you can’t go on the beach in the day time as its too hot . But evening time is really special as you enjoy everything whether its sight seeing, eating , beaching,shopping, candle light dinner or else.

Going in this weather, the one  thing i found very interesting is that i spent my day time enjoying in the hotel. My morning and mid day hours were covered with swimming, body spa, window shopping and gymming.

And i spent my evening hours particularly on the beach and sight seeing.

Me and my friends took a car on rent and went for sight seeing which was worth it.

Now some people who are going there for the first time must be in a big chaos for the type of clothes they should carry in their suitcase. Well, i must tell you that Goa is totally a sporty place to visit. So its substantial to carry shorts and T-shirts according to the number of days you are going to spend there especially if you are going to have a ride on Scooty. You can also carry other dresses if you are fond of photo collection or if someone is a blogger or else.

Goa is also famous for cashews, Goa is a big producer of cashew nuts. So you can buy cashews from there which taste better than the cashews you get in your own city. There the size of cashew is also quite bigger. I also got some packets from the famous area calangute. There you can see many shops and buy accordingly. If you want you can also buy a pure coconut oil as Goa is a land of coconuts, so it is famous for coconut oil as well.

What to eat:  i am a non vegetarian, so i ate fish and chicken. Fish food is common there because of the sea and if you are vegetarian, you can have a normal food but sometimes i realised that most of the food was cooked in coconut oil as i felt sweetness in most of the foods. So if you are fond of spicy food, don’t expect to get it there or you can have it on a special order.


I really had an amazing time and if you have never been there , try it once. As Goa is quite famous, most of the tourists prefer to visit here but remember if you are crazy to see different things, its not there in heaps. but i found it a calm place to visit and ready to go there again anytime.


I am gonna miss Goa a lot, had a great time and laughter.


Hope you got to know much about Goa!

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