There are lots of memories which still remain with me. That lipstick moments when I silently theft them from my mother’s dressing table drawer and used to wear them on my lips badly. Sometimes my mom got scared as she thinks that I hurt by something and blood is coming out from my lips. But when she got to know the reality she starts to scold me a lot. Hahahaha I think it happened with most of us :D.

Most of us love to do the makeup very much and yes I am one of them. We know that all women have their own natural beauty but makeup elevates the definition of your face curves and gives you drastic change in your personality. Some people do not love to wear makeup and please don’t judge their preferences because it differs from person to person. But if you are a person who also loves to wear makeup whether it is regular or party wear then this blog can be of a little help for you and also for those people who are a beginner. So guys keep your eyes on the content till the end of this blog.

Let’s begin talking about the topic-

Applying makeup on your face is not rocket science but yes it takes step by step process. Each and every product has its own importance. Let’s take the content step by step.

Clean Face: So the first rule before applying makeup application is cleaning your face. You must clean your face with water or any cleanser so that all the dust can remove from your skin.

Primer: Primer plays an important role in building a layer between your foundation and skin pores. This will save your skin pores from being block and makeup application will remove easily when you will wash your face. Nowadays I am using Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer and I am loving it. It’s flawless application make my face skin smoother.


Foundation: Foundation is basically used to give your face an even base tone. It helps to make your skin flawless and gives you drastic change by making yous skin single tone. So many varieties of foundations are available in the market Liquid Foundation, Cream Foundation, Sheer Foundation, Matte Foundation, Oil-based Foundation, Powder Foundation. Foundations come according to skin tone and you must purchase your foundation according to skin tone. If you are going to purchase it for the first time then I will suggest you to not to purchase online, go to the shop and ask them about the foundation according to your skin tone. Nowadays I am using Maybelline warm nude shade.


Concealer: You can skip this product if you don’t have dark spots and dark circles on your eyes and face. But if you have any of them then this product will help you to hide them. Concealer is used under the eyes and the areas where your skin is a little darker than other parts of your face. Nowadays I am using Maybelline 28 shade.

Compact powder: Compact powder is applied after all the above makeup application. As all the above are products are liquid and creamy so it is very important to make them sticky on your face by applying any powdery product.


Brow: I enjoy a lot while filling my brows as this little thing will define your eye part a lot. Pencil brow filler, Powder brow filler is available in the market. Try to buy some brownish colour not proper black.


Eye-shadow: Eye-shadow can be applied in two ways. First – you can apply eye-shadow on your eyes before applying anything. I will suggest you apply eye-shadow before if you are going to do dark eye-shadow. Second- You can apply eye-shadow step after applying all above step too.


Eyeliner & Mascara: Complete the eye look by applying eyeliner to your eyes.


contour: Contour is specially used to make your face look thin and define. It is used on forehead, nose, cheeks and on the jawline. Contour is available in stick, powdery form.


Blush: Blush is my favorite part of doing makeup. It is used on your apples (cheeks) to make them little pinkish or peachy. This will elevate your whole look amazingly.

Highlighter: You can take an idea with the name that is used to highlight the area of your face like – your forehead, nose, cheekbones and brow-bones.

Lipstick: The last but not the least and the game-changer step is applying lip colour. This is the last step that will make your whole look complete.

Setting spray: Setting spray is used to keep makeup in place. Both setting powder and setting spray are available in the market.

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