Accessories elevate the grace of an outfit like toppings on pizza make pizza more attractive. Before you think, I wanna clear that I am huge food & fashion lover that’s why sometimes When I talk about fashion then food come along with it automatically. This whole thing may be little weird to you guys but I am the one who love to do these weird things to make my mood swing :D. Please don’t take me wrong but still I am the kind of person.

I have always been crush on accessories whether it is a watch, belt, bags, sunglasses etc. I also have a huge collection of these accessories and will share all of them with you in my another blogs. Each accessory has its own significance you can’t compare them together. To the relevant- as the blog topic is all about of bag, so let’s take it to next brief level.

I am gonna share 5 latest trendy bags on which I am going gaga. You will find them ultra-cool and chic, as they will make you look sassy and stylish. So here we go-

Double Quilted Pouch Belt –
One of the very stylish and trendy bag of the year. These kind of bag look so voguish. When I saw this bag for the very first time I quickly fall in love with this one. This bag look so kicky when wear along with denim and white tee. These bags are good to go for an outing and you can so many things inside it because it has two pouches.


Fanny bag/Belt bag –
One of the most comfortable yet stylish bag is belt bag. Fanny bag is a small fabric pouch worn by use of a strap above the hips around the waist that is secured usually with some sort of buckle. This kind of bag will take your heart away, as they look super chic when style them with floral maxi dresses, a extra large t-shirt, or with a denim. This bag has become the famous airport look and I have been watching many celebrities are picking this up while travel.So this belt bag is the perfect pick up for your travel and also will add a perfect amount of cool & funkyness in your overall look.


Hip bag –
Hip bags are being trendy in the town. Hip bag is a fabric pouch worn by use of a strap below the waist around the hip that is secured usually with some sort of buckle. The look of these kind of bag is so boho. This bag will give you some cowgirl vibes. So get the stylish look by adding at-least a hip bag in your shelf.


Woven Bag –
Woven bag has been one of my favorite bags. These kind of bags are look ultra-cool when you are on beach vacation. In fact you can also carry them in day parties with your besties and these are super affordable. A woven bag is all enough to elevate your dress appearance.


Potli bag-
My all time favorite bag is potli one. Mostly, I opt this one when it comes to traditional functions. They look super cute and you will get them in many colors. Light and bright colors of this bag is easily available in the market. Be the attraction by carrying this bag when attending any traditional functions of your loved ones. And one more thing – these bags are not limited to only traditional ceremonies in fact you can carry them with some western pieces too.

I hope you love the blog content. We are continuously making efforts to make you aware of more things. If you have any query about fashion, beauty, lifestyle then does comment us in the comment box, we would like to connect with you and will try to help you as much as we can.

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