Everyone is living life in their own ways but are we living life correctly or healthy. Nopes!! We are just passing days not living them. Everyone has their own schedules according to their requirements but most of the times we lack the happy healthy rules of life. The ratio of not living life in healthy manner can be seen in youth easily and this ratio is growing day by day. So let’s make our life a little more happier and healthier :).
To be relevant, I focused on some major points to take life on correct path. Let’s talk on them briefly-
1. Wakeup : We all have a little lazy personality inside us, I know and it’s completely fine but when this laziness increase that become the major problem. Do not let it affect you otherwise you will loose your life’s big milestones one by one.To be regret on anything it’s better to work on it. Waking up early in the morning is the first step to cover all your path of goals. It is good for health and this way you will found yourself fresh and energentic throughout the whole day.


2. Yoga/Exercise : Yoga or exercise have been becoming essentials of our life due to unhealthy diets and absense of purity whether it is food or air. If you feel that you are already fit then it’s important to be stick to it but you really don’t know when and where the flow will take you with the time. If you are the one who is not fit then I must ask only one question that can’t you give 30 minutes to yourself is it that tough for you. I hope you are getting me what i wanna say to you.


3. Breakfast : Your whole day depends on what kind of breakfast you had in the morning. So have some healthy diet in your breakfast add some nutrition like fruits, milk, multi grains and dry fruits etc. This will help you to stay energetic throughout your whole day and will keep your healthy and happy.


4. Walk : A brief walk shortly after eating is a quick way to burn some calories and aid digestion. Over the years, researchers have found that a post-meal walk, as short as 15 minutes, can in fact help with digestion and improve blood sugar levels.


5. Compliment : A healthy mind represents the happy soul. Making others happy and smile is the key which you will find only on some people. Have you feel the beauty of making other people happy ever. Giving a good compliment to someone can make his/her day beautiful. It’s not important that the person is known and unknown to you. I bet if the person is unknown to you he will never forget to you in his/her whole life. What can be more beautiful than this that you become the reason of someone’s smile.


6. Be Calm : Be calm to each and everyone until the other action is necessary because you don’t know about which problem he or she is going through. Problems are the part of life and give the reason to become more strong and better person to you. Be the person who share the problem of others not increase them. May be being calm can be the most helpful thing for that person at the moment.


7. Water : Drink lots of water in a day. Sometimes we get busy with our work that we forget that from couple of hours we did not drink water at all. If this also happens to you then keep a water bottle always with you it’s a good habit to keep yourself hydrated every time.


8. Conversation : Our priorities being changing each and every day. We have been spending more time with friends , mobile phones, outings etc rather than our family and studies. Ask yourself – that how much time you give to you family members and specially to your mother. May be your mother also wants to spend some time with you and wanna talk to you but when she find you are busy with phones or friends then she might change her way from you. Give some time to your parents and family because you do not know that it’s your golden time to be with them.


9. Phone : Headache issues and several disease are attacking people a lot. Mobile phones can be the one reason of this. Phone has become the oxygen for most of us. People are going crazy on stupid apps like PUB G and Tik tok etc. They are loosing their path to their dreams. They do not know what precious time they are losing. Awake till 2 A.M or may be for the whole night due to phones are killing the bright future of kids. 8 hours nap is must for everyone why the youth is not taking this serious. Please think on this point.


10. Grateful : Always be grateful for the life you are living, Because there are lots of people who are dreaming of your life.


Love People love yourself 🙂

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