Uff… this is the weather of sweat, heat, sunburn, etching, tan, what else we can expect from the current scenario of season. Crest point of summer is the only reason when I start to hate summer sometimes. To hate something or someone, it’s better to move on in another way because life is short and you can’t fritter away your precious time in a grievance.

I have been the person whose life is surrounded by specific things like food, clothes, shoes, sleep and repeat 😀

 and I love to be enclosed by these little but pretty things. I always wanted a life where I have a will power to complete all my desire by myself, and yes, I am on the way of my journey. 

Well back to the point, here in this blog, we will talk about the 5 outfits that will make your summer relaxed and comfortable.

So guys beat the heat of this flaming summer with these utterly cool outfits.


It has to be my favorite piece in this scorching summer. The elegance and grace you will get after wearing this outfit are utterly comparable because of the comfort level. I have many pairs of Kurta plazo in my wardrobe, and I believe that some more pieces can be added into my shelf soon before the end of this summer.


Tie waist plazo:

One of the coolest outfit I found in this summer is the tie waist plazo pants. I am drooling over the look when it comes along with a plain t-shirt. These plazos are available in so many varieties like stripes one, plain plazo, cigarette pant plazo etc.


Ethnic long skirt: 

Who don’t love to wear long skirts whether it is western one or ethnic one. I love them so very much because the comfort level they give you is just non comparable. You can style them in so many ways as you can pair them with long shrug, a cami top, a plain t-shirt etc.


Wide leg jeans:

Personally, I found wide leg jeans very comfortable. They look super chic and kicky when pair up with white cami top and plain white T-shirt. I have a huge crush on white color you guys must have understood by now. 


I hope you love the blog content. We are continuously making efforts to make you aware of more things. If you have any query about fashion, beauty, lifestyle then does comment us in the comment box, we would like to connect with you and will try to help you as much as we can.

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