Oh! Ghosh… Summer is already on its crest point and what can be more worst than this. Nothing is going well as it’s tough to do work under this flaming weather. It’s absolutely true, but let’s put an end to this negativity and it’s better to beat the heat of this scorching summer with these super frosty ideas as much as possible.

To be relevant, I have been the person who love the summer season so much because it’s the weather to take out your favorite short dresses from your wardrobe and style them as you want to. But when summer is on it’s peak point then this weather looks horrible to me.I can’t keep calm to say that even sometimes it looks like a fire dragon to me. Is that funny? hahah may be.

As life never stays stable, there comes so many up and downs.Life happens just once, so keep enjoying each and every moment instead of getting anxious for the loopy things around you.. If you are going through your good times live it to the fullest and if you are going through your bad times then just try to pass it with the thought in your mind that good time is waiting for you. Similarly weather changes in every 3 months like good and bad times go hand in hand, so keep enjoying it. I found many ways to diminish the heat so here we go-

1. Water – Drink water as much as you can. Dehydration, humidity, sweat, tann etc are the cousins of summer 😀 as they come along with it. So to reduce the effect of all these, try to keep a water bottle in your bag always. Water is also good for you skin and health. It also help you to detox your body.


2. Healthy eating- If you are fast food lover then please try to keep your eyes close from junk food. This kind of feeding can intricate your digestion system. Opt something that can make your stomach feel relief. Eat watermelon, drink juices, salad, eat fruits and try to add less spices in your food.


3. Clothes – I am a big fashion lover still i will suggest you to not to wear any body-hugging and gaudy clothes during the peak time of summer. This kind of clothing can left rashes on your skin and sweat on your body would frustrate you. Opt something summer friendly clothes like cotton,loose clothes, anti sweat fabrics etc. Avoid dark colors to wear in summer because dark colors absorb heat instead of them you can wear pastel and light colors.

4. Outing- Sun’s ultra violet rays are getting more harmful day by day so don’t forget to apply sunscreen on outer part of your body every time you leave your home. A scarf, a shades, shrug, umbrella should always be in your bag.


5. Hairs – Do not open your hair in this scorching summer, try to make a hair bun or you can also make high ponytail to get rid of sweat. If you still wanna look stylish then you can also use hair scarf to bind your hairs. This way you will look kicky as well as you will feel comfortable.


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