Your healthy mind and healthy body reassemble on your skin. Skin is the biggest part of your body and it is very important to take care of your skin. Everyone wants clear and glowing skin but do not ready to sacrifice delicious (junk) food, precautions etc. Most of us get inspired a lot when see such videos of glowing skin and try to do the same but after a couple of days they give up on the routine of glowing skin and any other desires. Every good thing take some time and regular practice if you can’t be punctual for your desires then the desires can’t be yours too.

“The best foundation you can wear is glowing healthy skin”

This is absolutely true that healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness, if you really have a glowing skin then you really won’t need a lot of makeup.

Are we that much lazy and busy in our daily schedules that we can’t spend a couple of minutes or hours on our body really? Taking care of your skin is not any rocket science and it is the thing for which only you are responsible no one can’t do this for you.

“Aging is a fact of life. Looking your age is not”

What to do to get healthy and glowing skin-

1. Add healthy diet to your routine, eat more and more fruits, green vegetables etc and try to avoid toxic food like fast food and spicy food. Your outer skin is totally depends on what are eating so be conscious about diet.


2. Keep your skin by washing up every time when you come from outside. Use any mild face wash to wash your face as mild face wash not harm your skin by washing it 2-3 times in a day.


3. Everyone knows how important water is for our body. Everyone is aware of this even knowing all importance of water we avoid to drink water just because we get busy in our routine. Guys this way, we can’t get a healthy skin anyhow. Keep a water bottle with yourself and drink more water in a day.


4. Nourish your skin with moisturizer or with any lotion before go to bed. As in day time, moisturizer fly due to heat and dry air so its better to keep your skin nourish by applying moisturizer in night-time, this way skin can be nourished for more hours.


5. Apply raw milk with cotton on your face and clean dirt from your pores. believe me, nothing can work good as raw milk can do. No side effects no reactions what else we need. Repeat it 2-3 times weekly and you will definitely get the positive review instantly.


6. Scrubbing you face twice in a month will help you to get rid of black heads. Specially on nose area, black heads look very bad and make your skin look dull. Apply scrub twice in a month because doing more scrub can damage your skin or can leave rashes on your soft skin, so apply it gently and massage it softly on your skin.


7. Surround yourself with positive people and keep yourself happy from inside. Think positive do good with others. Stay away people with whom you don’t feel good from inside. If you are happy and positive from inside its emerge on your face and you look glowing naturally.


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