Everyone wants a fairytale wedding, and for this, they take maximum efforts they can take. If you are the one who is going to be a groom or bride this year and wanna make your each every function just perfect then guys go for it and make your wedding events beautiful by investing some plannings in it. According to Indian culture, we follow some Hindu rituals like Haldi function, Mehendi function, engagement event etc.

Make these events as beautiful as they have to be. The decoration is the biggest key which plays an essential role in making your precious day more beautiful. So many types of decoration done by the decorators, and you can play an immense role by choosing a perfect theme for your Mehendi or Haldi event. Floral decoration, balloon decoration, paper decoration, light decoration etc. are the trendy ones. Generally, people love colourful decoration when it comes to Mehendi or Haldi event decoration.

If you have any personal idea for decoration, then you can ask your decorators to create your dreamy decoration live. Personally, I am kinda girl who loves creativity the most so always try to add some extra efforts to anything I am going to do, and it makes me feel so good and satisfied.

I will suggest to you; please do not be the person who relies on the last time and thinks that things will get done at the right time automatically. Marriage is the most important event of your life, so try not to leave and work for last time, so it’s better to get prepared before the event happen.

Well, I collected some beautiful Mehendi or Haldi decoration pictures and wanna share with all of you. I hope this will help you to get a rough idea for your event’s decoration. Scroll down to check them out-




















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