Colours: One of the most beautiful things on the planet created by nature. Every colour has its uniqueness and characteristics. Some of these beautiful colour forms rainbow, which has distinctive beauty. Even you cannot compare the beauty of a rainbow to any other thing.

Maybe you have started to think why I am talking all about this. So here is the answer-

My perspective to take colours in this blog is to make things easier to understand. Here colours are the characteristics of a person and rainbow is defining the personality. What can define more beautifully a character of a human being rather than colours?

Note: Here personality is associated with better human being a not outer look.

All we know about the seven colours of the rainbow –

Red- This colour is the symbol of sacrifice, courage, and is also associated with love, joy, passion and activity. What is my point of view with this colour is to- generate love, joy, passion, sacrifice, courage inside you. Grab all the quality of this colour.

Orange- Orange colour is associated with enthusiasm, fascination, freedom, warmth, success. Be like the orange colour. Grab them as each quality is equally important to form a person into a better one.

Yellow- This colour shows enlightenment, honour, loyalty, and freshness. Loyalty is an essential characteristic of a human being so build this inside your soul.

Green- It is a sign of growth, harmony, and ambition. My perspective associated with this colour is to grab ambition, goals in your life. When you have some goals to achieve, then you work hard on them and wait for the moment when you achieve the goal. It builds patience level inside of you.

Blue- Blue colour is personally one of my favourite colours. This colour is associated with strength, wisdom, and trust. Trust is like the backbone of a human personality. If someone trusts on you, then it is your responsibility to keep their trust safe.

Indigo- This colour is associated with saturation, bright. What you need to inspire with this colour is saturation.
Violet- Violet colour is the colour of imagination and spirituality. The base of a good personality is being spiritual. When you achieve this characteristic inside of you, then you will be free from all the things which attract everyone.

As all these colours are very important in the formation of a rainbow, same, your personality needs all the characteristics to form a better human being. In more easy words I can say-

“When we see the colours, we feel happiness inside us. Our face gives a smile, our soul feel so peaceful, our eyes feel brighten and we want to save that colourful moment in our eyes for a while. Similarly- If you are a person who has politeness, calmness, trust, kindness, forgiveness and many more characteristics which I have defined above. People love to interact with these kinds of people. They smile when talk about you. They remember you in your absence too. ”

No one is perfect, but sometimes we need to improve ourselves at some point. If you are grabbing something good, then it means you are improving yourself, not losing anything. It is free, my friend- the more you will think about this, the more you will be able to mould into a better person. I know everyone has a different nature, but these characteristics are essential to be a better soul. If you lack somewhere, then grab them and shine like the colours. 

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Xoxo Love Love.

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