What do you think first by the blog title?

If I am not wrong, then the first thing which will strike your mind is “Freedom”.
But which kind of freedom we are talking about here, as we got independence in 1947 and living our lives independently.

Ok… now let me put it in a nutshell for you.

Dear friend- This freedom is all about from your inner wars, with which you fight most of the days in your lives. We always say stay happy; live happily but ‘are we actually happy from the inside?’ The answer to this question only you can give to yourself.

Inner wars maybe-

1. It may be your family issue.
2. It may be about your office dispute.
3. It may be your better half’s ignorance.
4. It may be your lack of satisfaction with your personality.
5. It may be about your job, as you are still trying to get a job.
6. It may be daily harassment.
7. It may be your fight with your loved ones.
8. It may be your tired daily routine.
9. It may be about your being too fat or being too slim.
10. It may be related to your marriage also.
There can be thousands of reason which everyone is facing in their daily lives. But here I am considering few of them with some of my own ideas about how you can tackle them smartly.

What to do in such situations-

1. Ignore the things immediately those are affecting you the most, as nothing is more important than your own health.
2. Try to be surrounded by positive and good people only.
3. Don’t fear, take difficult decisions, as your fear make them difficult.
4. Do yoga at least for 30 minutes in a day, it will keep you calm.
5. Share your problems to at least one person on which you have trust, this will make you feel light from inside.
6. If you’re facing any kind of harassment- Be bold tackle it by yourself and if you cannot then concern with your family first and you can report to the police. It is very important for your safety.
7. If you are facing the ignorance from your better half and your loved ones, then confront the things to your partner immediately. My friend life is too short to live in a dilemma, it’s better to be confirmed there and then being in confusion.
8. Don’t get depressed with your personality, as you need to know only about your inner beauty and talent. No one is perfect, keep this in your mind.
9. People are not happy with what they have, although they get jealous to see what other people have. See everyone gets according to their hard work and fortune, maybe you don’t know how much efforts he/she took behind that success. So leave such thoughts if you think the same, it can be the little reason for your tension.
10. Eat right, listen to songs, make few but good friends, read something new that you love the most, do travel as much as possible, do an outing with your loved ones, meet your old friends at home with a cup of tea/coffee.
11. Don’t be angry for so long as 1 minute of anger can destroy your 60 seconds of happiness.
12. Try to do any good thing in a day like- give an excellent complement to someone, help someone, make smile someone etc., believe me, this will make your day, and you will have a smile on your face when you are going to sleep.
13. Do not run for the people who actually do not care for you, but in fact, it’s better to run for your dreams. As nothing can help you in your bad times as much as your carrier can (rather than family).
14. If you are facing the work problem related to your office, don’t worry as it happens with everyone, you are not the alien. Sort out the problem step by step and do not spread it as much that will destroy your peace.
15. Set your priorities, this will help you the most to make the right decision.
16. Do something creative every day as it will keep you fresh and innovative.
17. Take 7-8 hours sleep, it will keep you active and healthy whole day.
18. Never put lots of things inside you which make you feel heavier, it is better to say at the right time when these are happening.
19. Everyone gets one life, it totally depends on us how we spend it. So live it happily 
20. I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.

As thousands of problem can exist, so there can be more solutions, but I prefer to share these only.
I know there could be a situation when we feel that everything has finished and nothing is left in our lives, but the actual life has just started from here. God has special plans for everyone- just believe that everything has happened for a good reason. Stay positive, be loyal, be calm, be strong, be happy and do the things with all your heart.

Hope you guys love the content if yes then please share your views in the comment box below. If you are facing any problem in your life, feel free and share with me on contact us page form. Your talks will be private 100% sure.
Thank you for reading this
Xoxo Love Love.

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