So finally, the most awaited wedding of the year (my closest friend’s wedding who is like family) happening and I am so glad that he is gonna be the part of the most beautiful relation on the planet which binds two different souls together. What can be more pure and beautiful than the wedding which knots the happiness and sorrows of two individuals and makes them one soul for the rest of their lives?

Here I am with my friend-


I am gonna share my outfit details, jewellery details and how I styled my look in this blog. First of all, I am super excited to write this one as all the things were in my favour this time and I am glad that everything happened as I wanted, whether it is about my custom outfit or my makeup look or maybe my jewellery. I have been the person who loves to do lil more efforts to make me look chicer and this time I decided to get my dress stitched according to my preference of colours and embroidery, which would not be possible if I would have opted for readymade one. Sometimes, getting stitched your dress becomes really complex but if you do it with good planning, nothing will stop you to get your imaginary dress in your hands. This time I was more curious about time management as its of course was my closest friend’s engagement ceremony function so I had some responsibilities and also I had to look good too. I always prefer elegance rather than too much of gaudy and glittery stuff.

Let’s talk about how the idea of getting a custom dress to wear in the engagement ceremony came into my head. As every picture and dress tell a story so here is also the story behind my whole look. So before the event (approximate 25 days ago) I went to the market and was searching for the elegant outfit eagerly, but after searching a couple of shops, I could not get the attire on which my eyes got stuck. So finally after struggling in the market, I decided to get my outfit stitched which will be of my colour, embroidery and pattern choice. This time I was super excited because I was stepping in this after so long and was also a little tired but I took my decision to the end.

I got some amazing pure stuff at a fabric shop and I quickly purchased the fabric according to my outfit measurement which I took in advance from my boutique. Now another obstacle was the matching dupatta, which was not my cup of tea of course and so I took a deep breath and started to search matching dupatta as I wanted something hand-worked stuff on that as similar as on my dress fabric. Suddenly my eyes stopped at one dupatta which was ordered by someone else on request and this was the dupatta which was absolutely matching my dress and choice.

And then I went for the final step which was stitching, so I prefered to go to one of my trusted boutiques because I could not take the risk as the fabric was very expensive. I told the tailor about the Design.I decided to put my dress as simple as much I can because the embroidery is all enough to give the chich look to my dress so I went simple with the design. So after some couple of days, I went to the boutique again to see my beloved dress for which I was eagerly waiting. When I tried it in the trial room I immediately fall in love with my attire as It was same I wanted to be.

Now another step was to choose the perfect trendy jewellery because I wanted to give some more traditional and beautiful taste to my overall look. I was planning to wear a big maang tikka with mid split in the hair and some wavy touch to my hairs. This was all I wanted in my hair look. So finally I found a beautiful pearl and Kundan worked big maang tika which was going with my outfit and was suiting my face perfectly. I purchased beautiful jhumkas and keep my neck blank as the maang tika and earrings were so heavy and indeed gave a perfect look.

The day had come when I had to get ready and this time my make up was little different but the best thing was that everything happened so gently whether it is about the dress, about hair look or my makeup. I was completely satisfied with everything and got more courage to get stitched some cool stuff for future events too. Gonna share some of my favourite pics from the celebration here, please scroll down to check them out here-












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