As we all know that our hair is the most substantial part of our personality and we always love to flaunt them by curling, smoothening, crimping or in many more ways.  These things may ruin your hair from the roots and make them weak. Even if you are using safety sprays and gels to your hair before pressing or crimping them up, don’t think that these products will assist you to keep your hair safe, no, its never like that, its just a myth. You can’t rely on them, so one should not trust them blind eyed. Well, without further ado, let’s talk on the prime topic which is of course “Shampoo” (As we are discussing about hair fall problems).

As nothing is pure and good in the market nowadays, so in the case of shampoos. We can’t expect a normal shampoo to do miracles to our hair. Shampoo comes with so many harsh ingredients like- Sulfates, silicones, parabens and impure fragrances, which make our hair weaker with flaky scalp and can be the reason of dandruff and greecy hair and so on.

We are born in India and blessed with loads of herbs and species  and we love our culture very much but  the question is ,”why are we  losing the luster and growth of our hair gradually and attracting towards chemical assorted products having attractive packaging and fragrances. In ancient times, our ancestors used  ayurvedic treatments for hair, skin and also for many other diseases and they used to be perfectly cured by that. But now people don’t want to think about it and they are putting their legs in the soup by the regular usage of these products.

The next time you will go to the shop to buy any shampoo then please keep your eyes on the ingredients like Reetha, Amla, Methi, Bhringraj, Haritaki and Bibhitaki. You will feel the difference in short span of time and I am sure you are gonna  be satisfied with this ayurvedic  way to get rid of this regular and very common problem.  Also remember one thing, every good thing takes time so don’t get discouraged by the result, just keep continuing using ayurvedic shampoos for at least some couple of days or a month for better results.

Along with all this you have to focus on your diet too as you can’t achieve anything without something nutritional which is needed by your body and hair. Start adding more proteins, zinc, vitamins, magnesium, iron, selenium etc.  Do you know that we are lacking from all these minerals? As we all drink RO water now a days, which purifies impurities from the water  but further they also remove the substantial minerals needed by the body. This way the human body is deprived of the important minerals and thus lacking behind in the perfection of everything. So along with your shampoo change your diet too.

I am gonna share 10 ayurvedic shampoos  which contains natural ingredients and fragrances. I hope you will find them useful. So guys scroll down to check them out-

  1. Khadi herbal shampoo (Amla & Bhringraj)-

2. Kama ( Rose & Jasmine ) hair cleanser-



3. Jiva Papaya Shampoo-

4. Aveda invati advanced-



5. Himalaya herbals (Protein Shampoo)-


6. Biotique (Bio Walnut Bark)-



7. Forest Essentials ( Bhringraj & Shikakai)-



8. Clinic Plus (Ayurveda Care)-



9. Lotus Herbals ( Kera-Veda)-

10. Aura Vedic ( Hair Fall control shampoo)-



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