As the wedding season is on its crest point, and we are having lots of unhealthy food( oily food, junk food etc), wearing so much makeup, taking limited nap and feeling restless. So many things at one time, it’s so harsh na?? But what can we do?? Should we avoid the functions?? Nopes!! This is not the solution, so let’s talk what can we do for the skin to keep it safe after lots of makeup and let’s keep bringing the natural glow back with some of these important steps.

Detoxing your skin is another good thing you do for yourself, it shows self-love which is most important thing you do to make yourself better.  After having so much of junk food or oily food, you need detox drink to make your body healthy and to get rid of toxic elements. Similarly, our face needs this solution too.  So here is the mini guide to skin detox after the wedding events –


Makeup remover – The very first step you must follow is removing your makeup after the event is done.  Don’t go to the bed without removing your makeup because it may block your skin pores which may cause unhealthy and dull skin. Never skip this step if you love yourself and want glowing and healthy skin.


Scrubbing – Basically, scrubbing help you to unclog your pores. As scrub contains vitamins and antioxidants which make your skin smooth, soft and nourished. Scrub your face at least twice a month and keep continuing it to get good skin.


Face Pack – I personally love this step so much because it gives me relaxation and calm my eyes too. After applying face pack you can easily indulge in your work as this step does not need more attention, keep this face pack on your face for 10-15 days and then rinse it with Luke warm water as it is winter season. Specially apply this step after scrubbing to keep your skin smooth and flawless.


moisturizer – Moisturizing your skin play an immense role to keep your skin nourished and glowing. In winter season you skin demands more nourishment in comparison of summers. Winters make your skin dry and soaked all natural oils of your skin. Buy a good moisturizer which contains healthy ingredients and apply it on your skin according to skin types (twice or thrice a day depends on your skin type). Don’t forget to apply it after scrubbing and face pack done.


Hydrate your skin – I hope, I don’t need to tell you that how much litres of water is needed to drink in a day. Skin hydration is important to keep your skin clean, fresh and also help you to get rid of stretched, shriveled and tired skin.  Drink more and more water, start with at-least 4 glass of water and increase it gradually for better results.


Stop having much sugar – Cut down your sugar assumptions as much as possible, instead of these add lemon juice, oranges, bananas, peaches, watermelons etc because they are rich in water and vitamins.


Breakup with your makeup – Take a break from your makeup routine and let your skin breathe in fresh air. If you are not comfortable without makeup look then you can go with a lipstick and a little bit of concealer, both are enough to give you confidence.


I am done with all the essential steps which I found really necessary to tell you. Hope you will find them helpful. Stay tuned for more amazing topics with us.


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