I have always been huge crush on accessories whether these are summer ones or winters one does not matter. When it comes to winters – I love wearing muffler, stoles, caps, boots etc. These accessories will enhance your outfit look perfect. Each accessory has its own unique role and I just love the way they make your normal regular outfit unique and party wear.

I always crave for trendy things and love to collect vintage fashion accessories too. I have a huge collection of caps included embroidery ones, baggy ones, beret, sun hat, base-call cap, visor cap, beanie and baker-boy cap. I love to style them with my outfits and love the way how beautifully these caps highlight my overall look. But here in this blog, we are talking about winter ones, so let me tell you which type of caps you should have in your wardrobe in this winter season.

Snow Ski Caps – I love these kinds of caps as these caps are made of wool and keep you warm in this freeze cold winter. You can also wear them on your hill station trips, believe me, you will super fashionable even after wearing so many clothes. This kind of cap is all enough to give kicky look in seconds.


French Beret – These caps look super cool when styled with boots and knee-length dresses. I personally style them with knee-length dress and boots but one thing keep in your mind while going to purchase this type caps – is color (prefer to purchase red or black one – as both colors look so classy and can go with any of your dress.)


Beanie Hat – These types of hats come in so many styles and looks you can buy them according to your face cut. Beanie hats are so warm from inside and keep you away from cold air.


Baker-boy Cap – Baker boy is the classy one and looks super cool with blazer dresses and boots. These kinds of hats make you power dress more powerful. This cap is one of my favorite ones and I will recommend that one should have this cap in one’s wardrobe absolutely.


That is all for this blog guys, I hope you loved it. Stay tuned for more amazing topics with Memysha.

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