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This blog is for all of them who are fond of wearing something different with extra elegance in their outfits. I wore this beautiful dress customized by myself in the most awaited wedding of my friend. I always had a chaos about getting my dresses customized but this time I stepped myself out to find out the best fabric from the market and convert it into what I wanted to wear. Yet it was very tiring but my contentment of wearing this dress was worth it.

This was the first time that I buildup my confidence for getting my dresses customized according to myself and how I wanted it to look on me. It really worked as per my expectations and made me more confident for more customized outfits. Sometimes I wonder how I wasted my time in searching and wearing the dresses in which I found myself mundane and regular going. Whenever I wear any dress, the first thought in my mind is always to look unique, so the common dresses I see outside in the local area is not my cup of tea.

Now I realize that one should either buy the dresses if it’s their choice and if not then they can go for the best fabric or get it designed by someone as per their choice. I am not saying that the dresses you see in your local area are not good but there are many people who either don’t like the fabric, the extra stones, the neck shape or the exact fitting. I mean one has to compromise for many things in the ready-mades. So if you really want to give yourself the best look, you have to plan and manage accordingly so that you have enough time to find out what you want.

I wore this beautiful peach dress which was absolutely my choice and it was the first time that almost everybody appreciated my costume and asked me to get it done for them also. I added kundan jewellery with the dress and kept my makeup subtle yet elegant.


And so after getting 10-20 outfits designed by myself, I gained so much of confidence that I am planning to continue it as a profession.



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