We all have become familiar with the word Coronavirus, this virus has become major problems for so many countries and now it is spreading in India abruptly. China is the origin of this virus and 162 countries are in grip of this coronavirus now. Government has become so serious and taking strict & safe decisions for their people. India has become top 3rd country in the world that is in grip of coronavirus having big numbers of virus affected patient and the numbers are increasing day by day.

Corona Virus is affecting the businesses running in the country and putting its major impact on Fashion Industry too, which resulted in big flaws in the global economy. China is a hub of clothes manufacturer and it exports the products too so many countries including India but now it’s disrupted by the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

Designers who import their raw material from china are facing so much loss in their business. Corona Virus has become an emergency and people are afraid of this so much. Schools, offices, colleges, Cinema Halls and other human gathering places have shut for some time. Around the world, less established designers, who rely almost entirely on wholesale partners for revenue, face an uncertain future.

Several global fashion and luxury goods companies are stepping up and donating funds to fight the contagious virus. Companies including LVMH Group, Kering Group, L’Oreal, Swarovski, Estee Launder, Shiseido, Alibaba and Tencent donated amount in millions. Some brands in China are temporarily closed until the situation comes in hands.

Most brands are shutting down in China for a while but not in India as of now. Brands including- Nike shuts down about half of its stores in China due to coronavirus outbreak. Apparel and textiles fairs are postponed too for some time.

Many retailers who contracted already are facing problem regarding their goods and expecting their amount back if goods will not arrive at them. Some fashion designers also have become the patient of coronavirus and hoping for the recovery.

Corona Virus is impacting the people who are aged or 60+ the most because these people have low immunity power. Be safe and use mask where high people gathering and try to wash your hands with soap in every 1-2 hour or keep sanitizer with you when out of your home. Try to avoid handshake & touch in gathering, keep yourself safe as much as possible.

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