We all know that this virus is unfurling like a fire. It can spread through people, metal, plastic and other things too. Everyone is afraid of this dangerous virus but still some people are not taking this seriously. This is really irresponsible behavior of these people towards their family and country.

We urge you all to follow these 10 tips to get rid of corona virus. Let’s have a look on the tips here –

Cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing: Cover your mouth with handkerchief or tissue paper while coughing or sneezing because it’s a communicable Virus and throw the tissue paper to the dustbin just after using it.

Avoid Hand-shake: Do not shake hands with anyone, if you are doing so, then wash your hands with soap immediately.

Don’t touch anything at public places: Avoid going to public places for at least some days and if there is emergency to go there then strictly avoid touching anything there.

Wash fruits & vegetable very well: Don’t use and eat fruits & vegetable immediately after purchasing. Wash them well and keep them in salt water for at least 10 minutes before using.

Drink warm water : Drinking warm water as much as possible is the need of an hour as it helps in removing the bacteria by sweeping it out.

Cleanliness: Clean everything near you and sanitize the things you are in touch with. Don’t touch eyes, ear & mouth often: Avoid touching your eyes, ear & mouth and wash your hands with soap every time before touching them.

Stay away from ill people: Stay away from ill people and ask them to be isolated for at least some days. Keep yourself distancing around 6ft from outsiders.

Use mask N-95: Please use mask N-95 while going to the public places .If your work is not that important then please avoid going outside (Public places).

Healthy diet: Take healthy diet as much as possible. Unhealthy food is hazardous and it’s really not safe to go to the hospital as per the current situation of our country.

These are the 10 tips you must follow to stay away of corona virus.

Stay home, stay safe!!

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