Due to corona virus, Our government announced 21 days locked down all over India. I support this decision of our Prime minister and I hope everyone is supporting him too.To break the cycle of corona virus chain , locking down the country was crucial according to the health experts. Staying at home is the only way we can be safe from this brutally spreading virus.

So today is the first day of our country locked down and people are quarantine at their homes and even some of us are working from home too. We are not habitual of this kind of locked downs, so here are some tips by which you can turn your boring mood into something interesting.

Play indoors: playing indoors like ludo, carrom, chess, housie and others will definitely swing your mood to something funny and mood healing.

Assemble the messed up areas : unclutter all the useless things from your house. YeS guys, this is the right time that you can manage your messed up stuff. Loads of our time is wasted when we go out and we rarely get time to clean the hidden corners of our house . Uncluttering the things which are useless also helps in removing negativity from the house and you feel relaxed too.

Cooking: Cook something interesting and new which will help you to come out from your bored mood. The procedure of cooking food will keep you busy and eager. Serve it to all the members of your family. This way you will bring smile on your loved ones face.

Painting: If you are fond of painting or drawing, don’t wait to do that as it keeps you out from depression and anxiety. The self-expression of art can help to improve your confidence. Painting produce the happy feelings in your mind which makes you relaxed. So in this self quarantine days, pick brush and colors and bring out your imagination on the canvas.

Reading: Reading books is a good habit and everyone should opt this. It makes you knowledgeable and boosts your confidence to the next level. It reduces the stress level, improves the vocabulary, improves focus and concentration and also gives you free entertainment.

Music: If you are a music lover and love to play any music instruments then it is the good time for you all. Like others, it also helps in reducing stress, transforms your mood and keeps you happy.

YouTube: YouTube is the hub of lots of content. You can find the content according to your choice. Explore the internet as much as you can and gain knowledge about the things you love to read about. Don’t forget to wear an anti-clear specks.

Exercise: Exercising regularly is the best way to be healthy and fit . Exercising is must for everyone as it circulates the blood and gives the strength to our muscles. So take out at least half an hour to do so.

Give time to your family: Don’t forget to give time to your family . In today’s busy life we forget to give time to our family so this is the time where you can share your feelings and love with the family.

There are many other things which you can do but make sure that whatever you do, you spend your time happily and lovingly and at the end of each day , you feel productive and contented.

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