In this world of 7.8 billion people, everyone wants to fulfill their dreams and desires. But are we ideal for our hope and aspirations? Are we working hard to get them?

Every single person see the dream, but 80% of people could not do work towards them, and they give up on their vision due to family pressure and hectic life schedule sometimes. Only 20% of people take the risk and try to fulfill their dreams, but some of them leave their consistency after one or two failures and give up.

In the last, only those get success who are rigid for their dreams and don’t leave their path until they reach their destination.

Now, it’s up to you where you see yourself. Your dreams depend upon your consistent hard work.

I came through a blog on a website www.whatcolouryouwant – Your life, Your Dream – Your hunger for success which is very positive and i think my readers should read it.

I remember those golden words said by Sir A.P. J Abdul Kalam-

“Dreams are not what you see in sleep. They are the things that do not let you sleep.”

Some people say- more desire can destroy you so learn to be happy what you have. But some people say until we don’t have any desired life is waste.

Craving for desire is not wrong things but picking the wrong ways to fulfill your desires is wrong. Fulfill your aspirations by choosing the right direction and keep consistency until you reach your goals.

Who says failure is terrible instead of this take your failure as a challenge and learn from your mistakes. Challenges are your best companion which will make your success more memorable one.

“Kehte hai ki safalta ka asli maja tab hi ata hai jab aap ne nakamyabi ka swad chakha ho”

Hahaha, it’s not mandatory to fail before success, but the point is that if you fail then don’t lose your faith in your dreams beside of this go again like a warrior and win over your dreams like a king.

Everything seems good when you are satisfied with your achievements otherwise you will start running from your soul and will seek for the peace and happiness which lies in you.

If you seriously want something in your life, then leave the obstacles behind you and start working hard towards your dream with full enthusiasm and determination. I believe you will get them one day with consistency and faith.

I would love to hear from you.

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