About Us

“Real stories create stories for others”

Hey! What’s Up? I’m Malika Swati Sharma and welcome to my blog! Let’s be friends.

How something innovative and beautiful takes place is not the outcome of any well planned procedures or the plans lay down after heavy brain-storming meeting sessions. MEMYSHA is an outcome of a delicate moment which I am fortunate enough to have in my life.

It was a cool breezy eve of mid of December when ‘Me’ and my daughter ‘Mysha’ were just getting ready to attend a formal party when my eyes gazed at my little sweet 3 year old daughter. The little delicate lady was busy making her up in one or another way looking into the mirror now and then. I could not move my gaze even for a second as I did not want to lapse this beautiful moment from my life. However, this moment led me start penning on Fashion & Styles and decided in the name –

‘Me with Mysha’ : ‘Memysha’

This is how the story of MEMYSHA started in 2016 and today MEMYSHA has got quite a satisfactory number of loyal readers eagerly waiting for a write-up in their unique style.

Every parent has a cute story of their own about their children with some touchy spots but MEMYSHA is just not a simple blogging but a train of thoughts which began with the inspiration that I had from my little angel. For me to pen on the Fashion with passion is the fathomless inspiration from my daughter for whom I would love to quote here,

“A daughter is a miracle that never ceases to be miraculous”

Please reach out to me and my little daughter with style/beauty/lifestyle questions or just a simple ‘Hi’ ! And we are gonna provide best of fashion advice to you.

Email: malika@memysha.com

? Thank you for reading our story and I’m sure you will like us !! ?