Holi Fashion

Bura Na Mano HOLI Hai…..

With people becoming increasingly more fashion conscious, hot pants, backless blouses and off shoulder tops in bright colors have taken a front seat. The young generation has the drastic change in their perception towards Holi.
They’d like to have fun, but not at the cost of losing the glamor quotient.

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Cute summer trend 2017

Every day is a FASHION SHOW & the world is your runway !!

Summer time, whenever someone asks me about my happy place, it’s never a super fancy clubs of Delhi or Bombay or some posh holiday homes. It’s always a serene lunch date like one if those where I take my husband to show him what summer feels like outside of his office. That is my happy place, cherry blossoms and ice-cream and kids running with joy in a park. The smell of newly bloomed flowers and a good book. Even though siting in a cubicle my mind has escaped in the summer paradise.

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The flirty fun look

Sometimes one needs to be out of the trend or off the trend to feel the free existence of one’s self. Imaging of a lady boss to a caring friend, and from a Homie to a social butterfly or from a teen at heart to the queen of her man’s heart, there would always be a craving for this freedom. The one thing that is commonly found intact every time is the playfulness, the motivation to stay chirpy, flirty. And this feel is somehow exhibited knowingly or unknowingly through the flirty fun look.

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What makes you an iconic fashionable diva

Are you fascinated by FASHION? Do you have your personal fashion statement?

The term, ‘Fashion’, has always fascinated every woman irrespective of their color, caste, and country. Many qualities can be attributed to a truly iconic fashion diva such as symmetrical body, the color of hair and eyes, smile, speech, thoughts, mannerism, and overall personality. Some prefer to regard it

  • As a matter of comfortability.
  • While some prefer to call it a style of dressing which convey some message.
  • Whereas there is still a group of people doing fashion just to make a show-off.
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Keep your winter wear intact…

Winter has gone – Let’s store our winter fashion for Next Season!!

I was just wrapping up the winter clothes of the family and had to face a great dilemma for preserving them and keeping them intact till the arrival of the next winter. The costly wind-cheaters and jackets, sweaters, scarves, caps, mufflers, and so on kept me thinking for hours together. The problem was not of the space but of the treatment needed for preserving them intact for a quite longer span of 9 months and sometimes more than that in India. I worked out on it and arrived at the conclusions that work for the winter wears commonly used in India. And yes, we need to take care of it except for the clothing of kiddies.

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What a Fashion Does With Your ‘Persona’

 All depends on your Personal style!

The term ‘persona’ refers to a personal facade that one showcases to the world. It is a public image and fragile in nature, as one can portray self of specific type of character for representing consistent behaviour throughout.  Fashion delineates styles in different ways. For motivational or inspiring fashion oriented persona, multiple variables play role in the mix, including personality, gender, lifestyle and age.

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Be At Ease in This Summer

Summers are here again!

If you observe minutely the dressing patterns being followed in India, you will find it that most of the outfits designed and worn in a particular state of India are completely compatible to the climatic conditions prevailing in that particular region. Moreover, every dress, you will find, is highly comfortable and has a style of its own regional flavours of colours, cloth material, and above all intuitive pattern and design.

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Casual dresses for plus sized women

Ever wondered the plight of plus size women who once upon a time were faced with a dilemma as not too long ago clothe stores were not having adequate stock or varieties of plus size casual dresses. The very concept was not in vogue those days and therefore people had to get everything tailor-made where the options were needless to say extremely limited.

Thankfully this has become the thing of the past. Welcome to the 21st century where plus sized women no longer have to stay confined to traditional wear either in India or abroad. Almost every cloth store from branded showrooms to retail outlets has kept in mint the need of plus-sized customer while designing outfits.

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Winter Is Coming: Heres What You Need to Know

Winter is Coming

With winters just around the corner, and with it the wedding season soon approaching, we believe that all our readers out there would love to have a fashion code to live by, something that distinguishes the Dos from the Don’ts for everything from your hair right down to the shoes, and even the accessories that top off your entire look. What is perhaps the most daunting part of getting dressed in winters is to don layer upon layer to keep you warm, but there are ways to do this in a way that complements your look, so you can rock that super comfy sweater that you love so much, or those knee high boots that the weather demands. While many would think that the basic black look works throughout winters, it does more to make you come off as plain. However, throw in a sunny yellow bag to go with that all black look you’re trying to perfect, and we have a beautiful, complete look, that looks plain and exotic at the same time, not to mention makes you stand out of the crowd.

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Office Wear Ideas: How to Not Dress Boring to Work


Hijab styling may be done according to personal choice and inclination. Office going women can fashion the hijab by wearing it very nicely with cap on the mind under the hijab to avoid the shawl from slipping off their head. There all the muslim working ladies must have some fashionable assortment of workwear outfits. Women like to wear hijab because it adds grace to their character, but selecting the right hijab fashion is very significant. Selecting the best way to fashion your hijab is very significant. If you wish to increase your picture and character then attempt distinct hijab looks on alternate days.

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