What makes you an iconic fashionable diva

Are you fascinated by FASHION? Do you have your personal fashion statement?

The term, ‘Fashion’, has always fascinated every woman irrespective of their color, caste, and country. Many qualities can be attributed to a truly iconic fashion diva such as symmetrical body, the color of hair and eyes, smile, speech, thoughts, mannerism, and overall personality. Some prefer to regard it

  • As a matter of comfortability.
  • While some prefer to call it a style of dressing which convey some message.
  • Whereas there is still a group of people doing fashion just to make a show-off.
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Keep your winter wear intact…

Winter has gone – Let’s store our winter fashion for Next Season!!

I was just wrapping up the winter clothes of the family and had to face a great dilemma for preserving them and keeping them intact till the arrival of the next winter. The costly wind-cheaters and jackets, sweaters, scarves, caps, mufflers, and so on kept me thinking for hours together. The problem was not of the space but of the treatment needed for preserving them intact for a quite longer span of 9 months and sometimes more than that in India. I worked out on it and arrived at the conclusions that work for the winter wears commonly used in India. And yes, we need to take care of it except for the clothing of kiddies.

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The shift in Marriage Age From 20’s to 30’s: Is that good or bad?

Is Marriage  entirely proportional to maturity of the brain?

If so, what measures should be pondered to assess the maturity of the cerebrum?  This is a nagging question suffered by youngsters and equally well by the parents who are in search for a rightful bride or groom for their children. But the attitudes of the youngsters will obviously differ from the parents towards this question. It is simply because the above two contentions have always been lingering right from the time our society became matured enough to think on the subject. In the Indian context, we find a larger part of our society favoring the age of 20 to be the perfect age to marry whereas the changing wind of the mind of the youth does not agree to it. Let us first focus on the basic contentions hold by both of them;

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Love or Sex: which is better?

Some say I love being in “LOVE” but some say I just love “One night stand” !! Why there is a difference in thinking?

A mature mind would never prefer to compare the two as they are the two sides of a single coin named Life. We can say that love remains common whereas the media to express it keeps on changing. The subject has always remained too difficult to define or discuss simply because of its fathomless horizons to measure up. Yet it is easy enough to catch either of the two or both in the eyes of a person. For the years together, the two terms have been defined, redefined, filtered, and modified according to individual perceptions about nature gifted elements. Love is eternal feeling erupting out for no reason while sex is an instinct of every creature on this planet. So it would not be wise to run away from both of them. Nor would it be desirable to compare as both are individualistic elements. You can compare two things only when they are paradoxical or something with similar qualities but you cannot compare the two elements when they are complementary to one another.

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What a Fashion Does With Your ‘Persona’

 All depends on your Personal style!

The term ‘persona’ refers to a personal facade that one showcases to the world. It is a public image and fragile in nature, as one can portray self of specific type of character for representing consistent behaviour throughout.  Fashion delineates styles in different ways. For motivational or inspiring fashion oriented persona, multiple variables play role in the mix, including personality, gender, lifestyle and age.

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Be At Ease in This Summer

Summers are here again!

If you observe minutely the dressing patterns being followed in India, you will find it that most of the outfits designed and worn in a particular state of India are completely compatible to the climatic conditions prevailing in that particular region. Moreover, every dress, you will find, is highly comfortable and has a style of its own regional flavours of colours, cloth material, and above all intuitive pattern and design.

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Let Us understand Smile and Laughter – A pious cure.

When you laugh or smile, it triggers a part of your brain that makes you Happy ? ?

You know what! I was just swinging through different websites and reading articles on the life led by the average business guys and the stress they the take the burden of unnecessarily in their life.  And from nowhere, somehow, it stuck to me where is the cure for all these hubbubs in our life yes at the same time my subconscious brain gave me a hint in the form of a smiling face of child emerged before my eyes and simultaneously the giggles in the childhood that I had shared with my Paa & Maa peeped through the windows of my memory. I started penning on the two beautiful twins which are endowed with mighty powers and can prove their worth in seconds. It is something that is reflected in the words of Yoko Ono, a Japanese multimedia artist, singer, songwriter, and peace activist.

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Casual dresses for plus sized women

Ever wondered the plight of plus size women who once upon a time were faced with a dilemma as not too long ago clothe stores were not having adequate stock or varieties of plus size casual dresses. The very concept was not in vogue those days and therefore people had to get everything tailor-made where the options were needless to say extremely limited.

Thankfully this has become the thing of the past. Welcome to the 21st century where plus sized women no longer have to stay confined to traditional wear either in India or abroad. Almost every cloth store from branded showrooms to retail outlets has kept in mint the need of plus-sized customer while designing outfits.

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Life & Relation…

Life & Relation…

Is life only a Relation-Oriented creation of God?

Many have tried to answer this beautiful question and yet it has remained still unanswered with a common feeling that we all beat around the bush.

 “ What is Life?” “What is a Relation?”

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