Hair- The most important part of your looks, do you believe it? I do believe it because I have done various experiments with the different hairstyles and I have observed that we should never go with the hairstyles that never suit us. I am saying this because I have seen people only running towards what’s going on in trend or what the maximum people are doing or if someone is saying this is the ongoing hairstyle, you should go with this. But we should always remark us ourselves. Remember nobody can tell you the way you can tell to yourself. Rather than thinking only about ongoing trends, we should always see in the mirror and ask ourselves, Is it looking good on us? I just want to share some tips with you, which I have inspected on myself and on many other people.

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Hello everyone, welcome back to my channel Memysha. I made this video because I have seen people getting troubled for the breakage and tangled hair. In this video, I will tell you the 5 best ways to solve this problem.

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As hair plays an important role in our personality and makes you feel beautiful from inside too, so this time give some attention to your hair. This year go through with these latest short wavy hair, we are really in love with this haircut. We spotted many celebs in this hairstyle and we are drooling over this look. This hairstyle looks beautiful with western and ethnic both. The best part of this hairstyle is that if you have thin and very smooth hair then this will give volume to your hair and make them look stylish as well. We shared some pics of wavy hair from celebrities wall, so scroll down to check them and get inspired by these divas.

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As finally 2018 has come and we have started to achieve our fashion goals for the year. So guys, here is something that will make you more beautiful and will give you the natural look in this wedding season. As the autumn is about to come, we will suggest you to add these fresh flowers to your hair rather than metallic jewellery. Everybody wants to look natural while wearing makeup, so this fresh trendy flower hairstyle look will give you the fairy look and also will make you look natural. So here in this blog, we are going to share some trendy fresh hairstyles with beautiful flowers, scroll down to see them.

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Beautiful Hand Jewellery Trend For This Wedding Season

We spotted this beautiful style for this wedding season from AeTee Designs. As jewellery is the essential part for Indians, so we are giving you some serious hand jewellery goals. This beautiful hand jewellery will add glam to your outfit. We are in love with this modern style of hand jewellery. Scroll down to see the images of them.

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Magical Effects/Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the few oils /foods that contains huge health benefits for mostly all the parts of our body whether we apply it or eat it. It is a rich anti oxidant( RICH IN VIT C AND E ) and contains fatty acids which further helps in burning bacterial or fungul infections from the body. Coconut oil is not just a oil but really close to the womens heart as diamonds are. The reasons for this are as follows:

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Marking With Lipsticks

Lipsticks are an essential makeup accessory of every girl, women irrespective of the age group. Lipsticks complete the look adding glam to your personality and boosting your self-confidence. Lips are the most appealing feature of the face and using right gloss, stick for a perfect satin finish can make you look gorgeous.

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Try These Beautiful Hand Jewellery In This Summer Wedding Season

Hello guys, Today we are here with a post which is about hand jewellery. People who love to carry jewellery for a wedding or other occasion will love this post. Everyone knows jewellery is an essential part of Indian culture. It adds glam to your traditional outfit and gives you gorgeous look. We are sharing some images of hand jewellery hope you guys will love them. So guys scroll down to see the pictures here.

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Beauty Alert – Check out latest hair styles for 2017

Here, we are going to share you something about latest hair style for 2017. Everyone want to look different from regular look. So yes! Hair plays an important role to give a drastic change to your personality. Below here we are sharing with you 10 latest hair style look so girls get ready with these beautiful hairstyles and rock the event with your stunning look.

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