In this era, I think everyone loves junk food like me too. But everything is fine when it happens in limits but when it happens beyond the limits it may harm your health in various ways. In today’s busy life, we should give a little bit attention to our body, health and should take some mental rest. All these things have become a very important part of our regular life as nothing is pure in the market. We are losing the purity of food, drinks and even the breath we are inhaling is polluted. Food leaves a great effect on your body, it can be good as well as bad as it all depends on the type of your food you eat.  

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A very “HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM MEMYSHA’S FAMILY”. Hope this year will bring you a lot of happiness and you will achieve all your dreams. As we all know that everyone was busy in celebrating the new year and finally all are back to their work now. We always try to update you about the fashion world and bollywood news. So in this post, we are sharing with you the new year posts from many celebs walls. They all are giving us some motivational and strengthful caption goals for this year. Scroll down to see their post.

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Health Benefits Of Honey

Honey is a sweetener which contains lactose and fructose. People who are aware about the surprising benefits of honey never use anything else as a sweetener ingredient in whatever they cook. Not only in cooking, honey contains tremendous other benefits related to all the parts of our body. “ I and my kids are fond of honey”, not just a sweetener, it is tastier too. So here i am going to give you a list of amazing benefits of honey:

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All You Need To Know About DEPOP CULTURE

The world is blooming with technology. The world has actually shrunk. It will be foolish to say that people are having better ideas now. (Come-on Leonardo da Vinci’s hands will tremble at my mention of it while creating the Vitruvius man.) But I have to state my hypothesis that the world has shrunk and the news has got wings of fire. If I happen to develop something awesome, sure enough by tomorrow it will be used by 20 others & it multiplies as bunnies. For a short while whole world will be talking about you, promoting you & endorsing you worldwide. And how do you do that? It’s as if I’m asking what is breathing, well both have the same answer, it is

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How to be alone?

After a certain point of your life when the dust is finally settling down, university friends have moved out on their own way & your crazy lifestyle is turning into a strict time schedule to balance work and personal dynamics. Often in such stress comes add – on of loneliness. This has happened to me from an overcrowded rented flat to a lavish apartment with nothing but furniture and me. And many times the long tiring days will pass by, but the brooding loneliness can trigger at any given point.

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Beat The Heat At Beach

Hello Divas, the reason of writing off on this topic is my recent trip to Goa, and the things I would want to share are the hard-learned lessons of unpreparedness.
So it’s time to chill we think, Goa, or any other coastal zones, beach, beer, fun, pictures and pouts are all you need for a fabulous weekend but along comes the preparedness of what may come such as, Sunburn, skin rashes, tanning, tangled hair, dehydration & lethargic feeling after the end of the day.

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Swim Away Your Stress

Swim your heart out ? ?

There has been many proven way to bust the stress and give the fitness on the other hand. For some it is dancing, for some it’s Yoga. I however am an introvert which rules out dancing and gym as I would be too shy. But that does not mean I have a ball of stress over my head. Being in a real world sometimes you get worked up and decide to throw on a little bubble bath, or taking shower helps calming you down, Massaging is soothing. All these things actually all the things that exist in this whole right world is connected to water. Hydrotherapy. The contact of water and skin. The hydration of whole body. And in this hot and humid weather, it’s a big yes.

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How to get a flat tummy

6 moves to a flatter STOMACH!!

You must have felt and seen that people with large figures sometimes become a center focus of a gathering simply because of their size in spite of having smiley faces and wearing impressive dresses with an eye-catching color combination. No matter what claims are made to make your body slim in this shorter span is a hard nut to crack yet you can have a reasonable waist with which you will be able to make your persona more impressive.

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Spring Wedding Colors 2017

Springtime is in the Air – Fashion Wedding Color Drifts!!

Springtime 2017 is in the air as well as with the changing season comes more vibrant tones and soft pastels. Pantone is world’s leading color specialist, affecting every business from fashion to printing with his choices for the hottest colors of each season. The topic for springtime 2015 is en plein air, going for a cue from nature with its minimalistic motif. These colors vary from soft cool colors to subtle warm shades, giving marriages an excellent foundation palette to draw inspiration from. We took our favored spring picks and paired them with wonderful colors to create these striking color combinations you need to try for the spring wedding.

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